Cold Weather Generator Reset

Sometimes in extreme cold, you might notice the red light on your Generac Generator – DON’T PANIC! Winter temperatures can cause your battery to freeze up. Instead of calling in one of our technicians, you have the opportunity to resolve the situation yourself. Just follow these steps and/or watch our YouTube video below to see just what to do.  Locate the key to your generator (see above for an example of what key looks like) Unlock both locks on either side of the generator, you will need to push down (relieving pressure) on the lid to get locks to turn Control pad will have a message as to why the generator is on a red light (RPM Sense Loss, etc) Press the black switch above message screen to OFF Press ESCAPE, then ENTER, this will change screen to read SWITCHED TO OFF Press the black switch to MANUAL and generator motor should start up Press black switch back to AUTO  If all has gone well, your generator has been reset – the green light will be on and the message reads READY TO RUN  For a video reference to these steps, SEE THIS. 

Home Electric DIY Failure And Acts Of God 

Are you a DIY addict? Do you find yourself watching all of those home improvement shows and thinking, “I can do that!” Buying home improvement services that you can easily do is so last year and you can pretty much DIY any project. As the old saying goes, "Is the juice worth the squeeze?" Service specialists are out there for a reason and doing it yourself could end up costing you more time, money and effort than just going to the expert in the first place. Today, we are answering the question, "Is it better to call an expert or try to DIY a project?"If you  Well, if all home improvement projects were that simple, then why do they have experts hosting the shows? Hopefully, your projects have turned out well, or even better than expected, but if they haven’t and if you find yourself in a pickle, give Oakwood Electric & Generator a call. Take note of how many DIY projects you see online, there are so many! From projects that are simple enough to do with your kids to larger more complicated projects for your home or property; it feels as if you have an issue there is a DIY video or blog for that. Some better than others but taking on any DIY project requires patience, due diligence, and excitement for learning a new skill but accepting failure should also be part of your mindset but knowing a job well done can be extremely cost-effective.   Here is a couple of home electrical DIY fails that we found that homeowners should take note of next time they are thinking of committing to a home electric project. 

How To Reset A GFCI Outlet​

The term GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter meaning that your outlet protects you from electrical surges that would try to use you as a grounding rod (essentially, electrocution). It senses when there is too much current coming out of the circuit and shuts it down before the levels become dangerous. Usually, when an outlet goes out, the solution is simple and you can save costs by fixing it yourself. Here you can find how to troubleshoot a dead outlet and where to look when the simple solutions don't work. Your GFCI outlets are a safety feature most homes have today and is required by law to have GFCI outlets installed in all new homes. So not finding the solution can result in compromising your home's safety. How Do I Locate A Tripped GFCI Outlet? To find the GFCI outlet that was tripped, locate any outlets that have one of the small buttons popped out. Most GFCI outlets have all the buttons exposed on the front of the outlet so they shouldn't be too hard to find. How Do I Reset A GFCI Outlet? As soon as you find the outlets with the tripped GFCI, it is simple to reset, you just press the reset button on the outlet (as seen above). It may seem like a simple procedure, but there are many people out there that don’t know the point of those buttons on their outlets.  If you cannot locate the tripped outlet, you can call an electrician and they will be able to locate it fast and easy but can be costly and slightly unnecessary. Taking the time to find the tripped outlet can save you a ton of time and money. If you need any help feel free to reach out to us here and one of our professional electricians will be happy to help you out. 

Home Generator Maintenance Tips​

So you’ve made the investment in a Generac Home Generator. You rely on it to be there to back you up in the event of a power outage, just like you rely on your car to get you from point A to point B safely. In order for these types of machines to perform to their full ability, they need to be maintained. We aren’t talking about the professional maintenance that Oakwood Electric & Generator offers, we mean what you can do as the homeowner to protect your investment.In the event of heavy snowfall, try to clear the generator and areas around it of snow, especiallythe intake and exhaust vents.Keep an eye on the warning lights to be sure it is showing green – ready to run in case of an outage.Do not plant bushes or other landscaping too close to the generator because it can cause debris to become trapped inside and also inconvenience you and/or maintenance technicians from accessing it.Check the oil regularly - if it runs too low the engine will shut down to protect itself from damage. It is also highly recommended that you keep extra oil on hand in case of extended power outages.Check the battery terminal for signs of corrosion, ensure terminals are tight and the voltage is in the normal range.Keep an eye inside the unit for any signs of small animals taking up residence inside, they can chew away the wiring and cause major havoc on your generator.​

How Do I Reset My Breaker? ​

Have you ever found one of the rooms in your house suddenly has no power running to it, or one of your major appliances won’t power on for no apparent reason? Here is a possible solution to your problems.  Find the electric panel in your home (likely located in basement or utility room). Make sure your hands are dry and that you are standing in a dry place. If you are troubleshooting an entire room, turn off all lights and make sure nothing is plugged into any of the room’s outlets (especially if they are GFCI outlets. Open your electrical panel door. You will see that every circuit breaker switch is set to one of three settings: on, off, or the center position. Most electric panels have labels showing which room or appliance is being powered by it. Locate the room or appliance. If it is not labeled, look for any switch that is in the center position. Switch the affected switch to off and then on. If the switch is in the on position, the circuit is reset, if it pops back into the center position, then it’s time to contact Oakwood Electric & Generator.​


Expert Electrician Tips For Homeowners & Businesses​

Expert Electrician Tips For Homeowners & Businesses​

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