Oakwood Electric was of one three companies that I had come to my house to give me an estimate on the installation of a whole house generator.

All three companies have experience in installing whole house generators. What separated Oakwood Electric from the other companies was the owner, Rob Rheingten, who unlike the other gentlemen gave me an estimate on the spot. He also took the time to sit down with me and explain how the generator would work, the installation process, as well as answer any questions I might have had. I had a lot and he answered them quite thoroughly. Rob took care of acquiring the necessary permit. The installation process went quite smoothly, with the help of his co-worker. The job was completed in a day. This included removing of landscaping, installing a rectangular box made from timbers and filled with pea gravel from where the generator would sit, installing the generator itself and the gas line. Rob then showed my wife, as I was not home, how the generator worked by shutting off the power to the house which caused the generator to start up. He went through and showed the components of the generator to my wife. Two days later Rob came over as the city inspector came to see if the installation was up to code, it was. He took the time to go through the process of how the generator worked for me. I was extremely impressed with Rob’s workmanship, his openess to answering questions, and the continued support I will receive from his company. More importantly I feel I now have an electrician I can trust.

Gary Osgood