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Guidelines for Choosing Your Generac Standby Generator Installer

Choose the right generator
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Make sure you discuss what your backup power needs are with your installer. You can’t increase the power output your generator provides. A qualified installer will help you assess the most effective solution, whether that’s only a few select circuits, managed power, or whole house backup. If you buy a smaller system to save money, you may not be able to get the exact coverage you need. Work with your installer to provide a system that provides the backup power you need at an affordable price. Your installer should provide a National Electric Code (NEC) approved load calculation. All standby generators must be installed to comply with the NEC.

Confirm Proper Permitting
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Many municipalities and HOA’s require permitting and inspection for standby generators. Failure to secure those permits and inspections can cause problems and cost you additional money later. Requirements vary, but both placement of the generator and sound levels must typically be met. Make sure your installer checks on these requirements and secures the proper permits and approvals.

Verify the Fuel Supply
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Generac standby generators run on natural gas or propane fuel. To ensure that the generator starts, there must be an adequate fuel supply delivered at the proper pressure. Standby generator installations frequently require a gas meter upgrade. Your installer should coordinate this with your local utility. This may include an extra charge and may also add time to your installation. Verify any additional cost that you may be responsible for and who will coordinate the upgrade with the utility. Equally as important is the proper sizing of the pipe to the fuel source to ensure adequate pressure. Discuss these requirements with your installer. A fuel-starved generator will not start.

Ensure Routine Maintenance and Warranty Coverage
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Just like your car, a standby generator requires routine maintenance. Your installer should be manufacturer trained and certified on air-cooled and liquid-cooled engine products to maintain your generator and address any warranty issues that may arise. Without proper certification, the installer will not be authorized to complete any type of warranty service on your generator. You’re making a significant investment to protect your home and family. Protect that investment with proper maintenance performed by qualified technicians.

Why Buy From Oakwood Electric & Generator?
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Choosing the right installer is as important as choosing the right generator. Do the company and its employees have the proper credentials and qualifications to manage your installation and maintain the generator throughout its life? Technicians: Oakwood Electric & Generator has 3 factory trained and certified technicians on staff toinstall and maintain Generac standby generators up to 150 kW. Years of Experience: Oakwood Electric & Generator has been in business for over 55 years and installing and maintaining generators since 2007 Inventory: Oakwood Electric & Generator carries a large inventory of generators and parts to ensure timely installation of your standby generator, and timely response to maintenance, service, and warranty issues. Qualifications: Oakwood Electric & Generator has a Master Electrician on staff. All technicians are properly licensed electricians.


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